Citizens of Colleton County,

It is a pleasure to announce to you my Republican candidacy for Colleton County Sheriff.  It is imperative that you, the citizens of Colleton County, have an experienced, dedicated and qualified leader who knows what to do, how to do it, and cares enough to get it done.  Our Sheriff’s Office should be about service and safety.  It is time for change and I am the candidate who can bring that change.

Being a Law Enforcement Officer for 18 years and a citizen of Colleton County for 21 years, I know I can make the much needed changes for our County. I want to implement solutions and bring new perspectives to the Sheriff’s Office. 

“Together We Can Bridge The Gap” means more to me than just a slogan.  It means putting the trust and integrity back between the citizens and officers where the trust and integrity has been lost for some time now.  It means working together to do better together.  We as citizens of Colleton County can make our county a place to grow, a place to keep our children and communities safe. 

As your Sheriff of Colleton County my priorities are to strategically implement a system to achieve our goals.  Parts of that plan I have shared with you below:

Ensuring the professionalism and integrity of all officers and providing the necessary training to carry out their duties.  Society is changing at a rapid pace.  The training officers receive also needs to change in order to keep up with modern times.  Officers using the latest equipment and the newest technology designed to keep them alive and safe, especially the use of body cameras, builds trust within a community.


Implementing my plan to increase and better utilize officers throughout the Sheriff's Office.

-Increase officers patrolling our streets while decreasing the response times to emergency calls.

-Initiating a Drug and Crime Task Force Team with the intention of eliminating drug and criminal activity on our streets and in our neighborhoods.

-Establishing a Community Relations Officer to help create and organize community outreach programs and events, attend community meetings and be engaged in strengthening our communities.  

-Adding additional School Resource Officers in every school to protect our children and ensure our schools can be safe and healthy environments where our youth can learn and develop. 

-Establishing a certified D.A.R.E. Instructor in our schools to empower our children and teach them how to resist peer  pressure and live productive drug and violence-free lives. 

-Ensuring the Detention Center staff and officers have the necessary training to handle all the various aspects of dealing with inmates, the day to day operations of the facility and to improve the safety and security of the Detention Center. 

-Provide the proper training and equipment to the Court Security Bailiffs and make certain they can carry out their respective duties.


“Bridging the Gap and Building Trust” by maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with the citizens in our communities. Officers will be out in the communities engaging with the citizens while building trust.  When the officers and the communities they serve work together, great things can happen.  With face-to-face interaction, not only do the officers get to know and understand the people they serve better, but the people get to know and understand the officers that protect them better.

Improving law enforcement and youth relations through interaction in our communities and schools.  Children and teenagers are one of the most at-risk groups there is for developing drug and alcohol abuse problems which can lead to criminal activity.  Whether they witness or experience abuse or violence, it can have a lasting effect on them.  Interaction with law enforcement will serve as a beginning to developing trust, with the main goal of building positive relationships between law enforcement and our young people.

Bringing new ideas to the forefront of the Sheriff’s Office by modernizing practices and using data and technology to improve public safety for our communities.

Coordinating with various agencies available to help our homeless find the resources they need to live day-by-day, with the goal of getting them off of the streets.

Providing assistance to victims of Domestic Violence and Hate Crimes.  Both are considered major problems in our communities now more than ever.  Whether in the home, workplace, or on the streets, individuals are the daily victims of violence.  Most hate crimes are inspired by race, religion and sexual orientation or identity, but hate today wears many faces.  Violence can cause physical and emotional problems that last long after the crime and we will strive to help serve these victims the best way possible.

Educate the public on traffic related offenses and on the dangers of impaired driving in an effort to make our highways safer.  Too many people are taking risks every day that lead to their own death or the loss of an innocent life right here in our county.

As your Sheriff, I vow to boldly lead the way.  Join me in Bridging the Gap.


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